Child and Family

Our Child and Family Services teams provide support to those caring for children and young people that are unable to live at home.

We offer training and peer support groups for carers, along with sourcing financial assistance. Anchor works with the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate placements as required.

Foster care

Every day, our foster care service places a minimum of 30 children that are unable to live at home in safe, secure, caring environments. Can you help make a difference in a child’s life? Find out more about how you can become a foster carer and help change a child’s life forever.

It’s extremely rewarding; there’s a lot of pluses. It’s no doubt hard work, but it’s impossible not to fall in love with the children. Most Foster Carers will say (that) the positives outweigh the negatives.

A Foster Carer’s story


nights in care for children in foster care arrangements facilitated in 2018


In 2018 we provided care, information and advice to 353 family members.

Kinship care

For children who can’t live with their own immediate family, the preferred option is sometimes to live with someone they know, such as an extended family member. This need is often urgent and unforeseen – and Anchor can provide help ranging from initial assistance to ongoing support.

First Supports
In March 2018 our Kinship Care team welcomed the Victorian Government’s new model of kinship care across Victoria. With the program prioritising improving outcomes, our case managers have been able to facilitate great opportunities for the families we support.

Shortly after the girls came to live with our family, Anchor became part of our support network. I have always found that the staff at Anchor genuinely care; it’s not just a job to them. Now that we are the legal guardians of these precious children it has made an enormous difference and the children are much more settled. We as a family are grateful to Anchor and all the staff as they made a very difficult situation a little easier to cope with.

A kinship carer’s story