About Us

Anchor is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a proud history of serving Melbourne’s east for more than 40 years.

Building strong, resilient communities.

We assist some of the most vulnerable in our community through services including homeless support, foster care, kinship care, community education and family reconciliation.

Our services help people affected by crisis and trauma to restore relationships, get the support they need, and take charge of their futures.

We also work proactively to create stronger and more resilient communities by building local partnerships, educating community leaders and setting up grassroots initiatives.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Anchor is committed to supporting the national reconciliation movement and its efforts to promote equity between all peoples of Australia, and the process of solidifying the Victorian Treaty recognising all prior ownership of land and injustice experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Find out more about reconciliation journey here.

View Anchor’s Reconciliation Action Plan


Anchor’s Strategic Plan has been developed in consultation with our Board, senior management team, staff and external stakeholders. Its objective is to set a clear and inspirational drive for our organisation – through shared priorities and principles that govern all we do.

Over the next three years our key priorities are:

  1. Sustainable growth and impact
  2. Improved outcomes for people we support
  3. Quality and safety
  4. Credible voice and trusted partner
  5. Organisational culture and capability.

Our impact and growth over the last few years has strengthened our development and recognition from the sector as we continue to support those in our local community facing social and economic disadvantage. At the heart of our Strategic Plan is the children, young people and families we are here for, and we look forward to working with you on this journey.

Download Anchor’s Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Annual Report

Our Annual Report is designed to provide our stakeholders and donors with an insight into our services and the impact and outcomes we deliver for the those in need. It covers a reporting period for the most recent financial year which includes an audited financial statement of our organisation. You can find previous Annual Reports under the Resources section of our website.

Anchor is an endorsed deductible gift recipient and registered not for profit charity, organisation. Donations to Anchor over $2 are tax deductible.

Download the 2022-2023 Annual Report
Download the 2021-2022 Annual Report
Download the 2020-2021 Annual Report

Our Story

Serving our community since 1976. Throughout our history, we have celebrated many achievements.

Our Impact

Across the communities we serve, our work helps the people who need our support to prosper and live life to the fullest.


Young people supported in Anchor's youth related programs in 2021-22


Carers supported in Anchor Out of Home Care program in 2021-22


Nights in care for children in foster and kinship care arrangements facilitated in 2021-22


People received short term or emergency accommodation support through our Homelessness program in 2021-22