Will you help children who need a home?

Children in kinship care can carry the trauma of losing their mummy and daddy for the rest of their lives.


But well-supported carers can provide the love, protection and stability needed for a child to have a happy and healthy future.

Will you help us raise $34,000 before June 30 so we can reach more children and provide them with that support?



Emma* was taken away from her parents at just three weeks old. Now six, Emma lives with Linda* and Greg*, who she lovingly calls ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. But like so many children who are removed from their homes at a young age, Emma struggles with separation trauma and requires specialist care and intervention.

These families desperately need support — emotional, financial, practical support from dedicated Case Managers who understand the complexities of raising a child in kinship care.

Please donate generously so we can reach more children like Emma.