Concerns, Complaints and Compliments

We aim to provide an exceptional level of service and care for people who come to Anchor for support.

The feedback you provide to Anchor helps to positively shape Anchor’s services for you and others in the community.

Here is how you can have a say:


If we have gone above and beyond to help you, leaving a compliment about a staff member makes a big difference to our team.


If our service has not met your expectations, or not delivered what you thought it would, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know. We will use this feedback to work with you and, where possible, make the required changes.


If you believe that Anchor the organisation, or a specific staff member has committed misconduct or caused you harm, you have a right to make a complaint.

We have a set process for recording and responding to complaints. Someone will be in contact with you within two working days to talk through this and start to work on resolving your complaint.


Access our full Concerns, Complaints, and Compliments process.

Some additional information to include in your feedback:

  • The date and time when something happened (if relevant)
  • Did you tell anyone about it at the time?

Please advise us in the form below if you need any additional assistance, such as an interpreter, to support you in providing feedback or complaints.

You may provide feedback anonymously, however if you wish to receive a response, please provide your details.