Anchor announces support for Voice to Parliament

This year, Australians have an opportunity to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a greater say in laws and projects that impact them through a Voice to Parliament.

We are proud to announce our support for the Voice to Parliament and believe that the Voice will empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to improve services and laws that impact their lives.

Anchor acknowledges that we are part of a service industry that has a history of not adequately recognising the harm caused to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by government and community sector policies.

Anchor CEO, Heidi Tucker has stated the organisations commitment to changing the service landscape for the better and believes a Voice to Parliament will drive better approaches to homelessness and foster care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

“If not now, then when? This is a critical moment for our Australian community to do the right thing. We need to “get it done”. Change the constitution to include the voice of our first Australians,” she said.

Australians will head to the polls to vote in a referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament later this year. The Prime Minister has stated that the voting date will most likely take place between October and December.


To learn more about the Voice to Parliament and the referendum, check out this handy education guide from From The Heart:

You can also read more info about Anchor’s Reconciliation work on our website.