R U OK Day

R U OK Day is  9 September 2021.

R U OK Day is a movement dedicated to “empowering people to meaningfully connect and lend support” through difficult periods in someone’s life.

We all have experienced challenges, and the last 18 months and the emergence of COVID-19 has has a profound impact on everyone. The ongoing lockdowns, restrictions and inability to connect with friends and loved ones has seen mental health and wellbeing become more important than ever. Asking the question R U OK can sometimes make a difference and R U OK Day calls on people to take more time to invest in personal relationships and provide informal support or offer connections to support networks if they see someone is struggling.

Anchor is dedicated to staff wellbeing and offering support during these unprecedented times and beyond. Anchor has invested in a staff wellbeing program and various activities through the year to ensure we all stay connected. This R U OK Day we are showing our support by offering staff and extra 30 minutes of their day to spend on their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues. We are encouraging staff to participate in a wellbeing activity of their choosing such as a walk, grabbing a coffee, or meditating. During this time were also asking staff to contact their COVID-19 Anchor buddy and check in to see how they are going.

If you are struggling or need support, there are plenty of resources available including:


Source: R U OK Day