Kinship Care Week 2021

September 6 -10 is Kinship Care Week Victoria.

This is a special celebration of our Kinship Carers and the contribution them make to the lives of the young people in their care.  Anchor’s kinship carers are the family members friends or a significant person in the young persons life who provide care when they are unable to live with their biological parents.

Often, this is the preferred option because it can help preserve the child’s relationship with their family of origin and assist to maintain continuity and stability in a child’s life. However, often kinship carers may find themselves unexpectedly caring for a young person which in itself comes with its own challenges – managing behaviours, financial implications and changing life circumstances. Still our carers are dedicated, committed and always supportive to the children in their care and during this special week we say thank you!

Anchor will be celebrating Kinship Care Week virtually and ensuring our carers feel the love even during our current lockdown. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for more information or visit our website.