Media Release: Homelessness Week 2021

Everybody needs a home

Today marks the start of Homelessness Week. This week aims to raise awareness about the impact of homelessness in Australia including educating communities on how we can all make a difference. According to ABS data (2018), on any given night over 116,000 people in Australia are homeless. This is made up of:

  • Rough sleepers (i.e. living in improvised dwellings such as tents)
  • People in supported accommodation
  • People staying temporarily with friends or family
  • People living in boarding houses, temporary lodgings or crowded dwelling.

This year’s theme “Everybody needs a home” is more important than ever. We know COVID-19 has impacted many Australians. We have seen people experience job loss, mental health issues, and changes to income during lockdown periods which has affected the ability to maintain mortgage repayments, rent and housing expenses.

Anchor alone increased its service provision by over 1000% during the lockdown period and it was thanks to everyone involved with our organisation that we were able to help those in need during these time. This highlights that with support, we can make a difference so that everyone has a place to call home. Join today in supporting Homelessness Week through the Everybody’s Home campaign, and lets help change the system – as “what happens to one of us, affects everybody”.

Homelessness Week August 2021

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