Anchor’s Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The new financial year brings with it some new developments for Anchor.

Over the last 12 months, our Senior Management team along with our Board, staff and stakeholders, have been working together to reflect on the future direction of Anchor Incorporated.

Despite the challenge of working remotely, the passion and enthusiasm for what we do and how we achieve our vision has paved the way for what promises to be an exciting time for Anchor over the next three years.

We are proud to share our Strategic Plan for 2021-2024, which is a new and forward thinking approach to our longevity and sustainability for the future so that we can continue to support those most vulnerable in our community. Some of the key areas of focus include:

  1. Sustainable growth and impact
  2. Improved outcomes for people we support
  3. Quality and safety
  4. Credible voice and trusted partner
  5. Organisational culture and capability

Of our new strategic direction Anchor Chairperson Phillip Campbell and CEO Heidi Tucker share “At its heart, this strategic plan is about people, actions and results. We never forget the children, young people and families we are here for”.

To find out more download a copy of the full Strategic Plan 2021-2024.