Heidi reflects on the meaning of NAIDOC Week 2019

“NAIDOC week this year has three powerful themes: Voice, Treaty, Truth. Thousands of years ago the first human voices were heard on this continent now known as Australia- the voices of the first Australians. These unbroken words were used to pass down precious lore, culture and knowledge through thousands of generations until colonisation. Sadly many of the languages spoken in days gone by have been silenced through colonisation. This year we celebrate and support the rekindling of Aboriginal language and its preservation. Anchor recognises the importance of having your own voice to express one’s human condition. Anchor recognises the importance of Treaty in moving forward from the past. Treaty will formalise the arrangements between non indigenous and indigenous Australians in how we can work together to ensure our First Australians, their land, their language, customs and culture are respected and preserved. Treaty will ensure Aboriginal Australians have access to their rightful place in our country. Treaty will enable Aboriginal people to be the architects of their own lives and futures- Anchor supports this bright future. The truth about how colonisation has impacted Aboriginal people is complex and still much of it unknown. Anchor recognises the absolute importance of “truth” and how without it, we cannot as a country move forward and recognise our past. This NAIDOC week Anchor embraces the truth and understands healing can only happen when we work together with Aboriginal people to join them on their journey to finish the “unfinished” business of this country. What is imperative is that we share a truthful understanding of the nature of our dispute and how we arrived to the place on which we stand together in this country. We celebrate with Aboriginal people this week recognising the importance of their culture, language and the precious stories of this beautiful, safe and wonderful country we all call home.”- Heidi Tucker, CEO