Youth Development Services

Every young person deserves a safe and secure home to grow up in. Anchor’s integrated approach addresses often complex needs and circumstances so that young people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness, can learn, develop and thrive.

We help find different types of accommodation and support for people including families with young children, youth that sleep rough, and youth who couch surf and are at risk of homelessness. Our approach is based on the Foyer model, which integrates housing assistance with other support services, education, employment and life skills. By equipping people with the tools to stay on track for the long-term, we’re working to break the cycle of disadvantage. We’re always on the lookout for businesses and individuals that can work alongside us, or assist us in some way- if you think you can help us to support local young people, please send us a message, or give us a call on 03 8761 9040.