Heidi Tucker- CEO

Anchor’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021 aims to direct our organisational resources and effort toward assisting Victorians to address some of the key challenges they experience. Homelessness, lack of affordable accommodation, lack of foster carers, and homes for children and young people in the care system who are challenging to accommodate are the drivers of this plan. It outlines projects and activities that align with contemporary government policy and reflect what our stakeholders believe Anchor is best placed to deliver in the East of Melbourne. We are taking an ambitious approach to make a difference in the lives of people we support to find a safe, secure and stable home.

Ken Morgan- Board of Management

We long for the day when everyone has a safe, stable, secure home: a refuge and a launch pad from which to build a rich, fulfilling life. We’re committed to doing our part.  We are acting as a catalyst to unlock the possibilities for new housing options in Melbourne’s Outer East, bringing together partners who each can contribute a part. We are also working to increase our out-of-home care capacity, so that we’ll be able to provide a safe and caring place for every child and teenager referred to us, even those with really tough challenges.  This is no easy road, but we believe we have the people, the processes and the potential to turn these aspirations into actuality.

Expand Care Services

Increase Affordable Housing Opportunities