Heidi Tucker- CEO

Anchor’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan was designed to direct our organisational resources and effort towards supporting vulnerable people in Melbourne’s east to address some of the key challenges they experience. Homelessness, lack of affordable accommodation, lack of foster carers and finding more homes for children and young people in the care system are the drivers of this plan. At the end of the Strategic Plan’s first year, progress against our Key Performance Measures has been pleasing. Growth in the Foster care area has been exceptional with a strong emphasis on placing sibling groups together. As well, our Kinship carers have reported increased satisfaction with the services they receive from Anchor; we have confirmed partnerships which will deliver additional housing in the outer east and a further youth foyer has been secured in the Upper Yarra. We look forward to continuing to achieve our Strategic Plan KPMs in 2019-2020 and beyond

Phillip Campbell- Board of Management

An abiding belief that a secure home environment is critical for young people to achieve a sound education and establish the foundations of a productive life was one of the main reasons I joined the Anchor Board. I believe that we are well on track to achieve our goals at the end of Year One of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. We are working effectively with partners and stakeholders on projects and activities which align with contemporary government policy. Our targets are ambitious but we will continue to aspire towards best supporting vulnerable children, families and individuals in Melbourne’s east attain safe, secure and stable homes.

Expand Care Services

Increase Affordable Housing Opportunities