About us

Anchor is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a proud history of serving Melbourne’s outer east for more than 40 years.

We assist some of the most vulnerable in our community through services including homeless support, foster care, kinship care, community education and family reconciliation.

Our services help people affected by crisis and trauma to restore relationships, get the support they need, and take charge of their futures.

We also work proactively to create stronger and more resilient communities by building local partnerships, educating community leaders and setting up grassroots initiatives.

At the heart of everything are our values, which guide what we do and the way we do it.

Our work is underpinned by:

  • trustworthiness

  • reliability

  • excellence

  • empowerment

  • innovation

  • encouragement

  • respect

At this point in time


  • 1976Our foundations: Supported Housing Advocacy and Care (SHAC) established in response to increasing homeless youth in outer east
  • 1989Upper Yarra and Lilydale Emergency Accommodation Program (UYLEAP) formed. Mt Evelyn Community Christian Care (MECCA) running concurrently to support youth unable to live at home
  • 1995UYLEAP and MECCA amalgamate and become Yarra Ranges Community Christian Care (YRCCC)
  • 2002SHAC and YRCCC become Anchor
  • 2003Knox Community Support Services (KCSS) and Anchor amalgamate to deliver homelessness and family reconciliation programs
  • 2006Anchor extends its support to children from 0–18 years
  • 2014Anchor prepares for the future by restructuring into two key service delivery teams: Housing and Support Services; and Child, Youth and Family Services

Now – some of the ways we’ve made a difference:

  • 2017Supported 991 young people, individuals and families through the Opening Doors program
  • 2017Opened Hazel Hams Homes – A life-changing place for at-risk pregnant and parenting young women and an early intervention for their children
  • 2017Supported 33 Kinship families in Family Services and Placement Establishment Support programs