Pets of the Homeless

Thank you Pets of the Homeless!

When one of our clients rescued a neglected mother dog and her puppies, we called on Pets Of The Homeless Australia to facilitate some extra support. We gratefully received five bags of puppy food plus a box of canned food, all of which were passed on to help the dogs gain weight. This was a […]

The Good Crowd

The Good Crowd

If you love to share your opinions, check out The Good Crowd. Sign up to have your say on various topics and make a difference while you do it! You choose your interests and how often you’d like to participate, then Anchor receives funds every time you complete a survey.  Simply follow this link to […]

How Can You Help?

Homelessness Myth #6

Every person in our community has the power to help end homelessness. Speak to your local representatives, dispel a myth or stigma, sign the Everybody’s Home petition, or check out our website to help us support our community: Thank you to everyone that helped us spread the word about Homelessness Week and the issues […]

Local Homelessness

Homelessness Myth #5

Homelessness helps us to raise awareness around the challenges facing our community. This issue is affecting more and more people in our area. We need more affordable housing now to help ensure everyone in our community can have a safe place to sleep. #HomelessnessWeek2019