At Anchor, we work with people to find the right pathways to suit them and get the housing support they need.

Our assistance ranges from finding emergency housing to helping people transition to long-term, sustainable housing. We work with people wherever they are on their housing journey, including rough sleepers, people needing food assistance, and those seeking permanent accommodation.

Our services are available to people from all ages and stages of life. We also offer extra support to help people get back on track including additional service referrals.

You can help us continue to support some of our community’s most vulnerable people.

As part of our 2018- 2021 Strategic Plan we have partnered with Tiny Homes Australia to build two homes which will be set up for short term accommodation for the homeless.  To learn more about this project and how you can help, click here

The reasons why people become homeless are many and varied. Often, just a few small incidents can snowball, and people suddenly find themselves in housing crisis.

3 steps away from homelessness

3 steps away from homelessness

A turning point

For many people, homelessness is unexpected and sudden. Research shows that in 2016–17, 46.4% of Anchor clients had not been homeless in the 6 months prior to accessing our services.

AIHW Specialist Homelessness Services Report 2014–15, Victorian supplementary tables.

In 2018 Anchor supported


individuals and families experiencing homelessness


locals needing emergency accomodation


clients assisted in private rental brokerage

A Victim of Family Violence…

Jane* is a young woman who had been a victim of family violence and needed a new home.

With Anchor’s assistance, she found and secured a private rental property, but needed assistance get herself set up.

Anchor’s Private Rental Brokerage provided rent in advance as well as some funding for basic household items. Additionally, the worker and Jane* visited the Eastern Emergency Relief Network and were given some furniture and linen. Jane* stated that she was very thankful to Anchor for the assistance provided and is now looking forward to continuing her education and setting goals for the future.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities

A Victim of Family Violence…