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Thank you to each and every follower that helps us spread the word about Anchor!
We love sharing all of the great work our staff do, so if there is anything you’d like to hear more about just let us know!

Thank you Pets of the Homeless!

When one of our clients rescued a neglected mother dog and her puppies, we called on Pets Of The Homeless Australia to facilitate some extra support.
We gratefully received five bags of puppy food plus a box of canned food, all of which were passed on to help the dogs gain weight. This was a fantastic outcome and we are happy to see the dogs returning to health!

The Good Crowd

If you love to share your opinions, check out The Good Crowd. Sign up to have your say on various topics and make a difference while you do it! You choose your interests and how often you’d like to participate, then Anchor receives funds every time you complete a survey.  Simply follow this link to register: https://the-good-crowd.com/partners/anchor

Homelessness Myth #6

Every person in our community has the power to help end homelessness.
Speak to your local representatives, dispel a myth or stigma, sign the Everybody’s Home petition, or check out our website to help us support our community: http://www.anchor.org.au/how-can-you-help/
Thank you to everyone that helped us spread the word about Homelessness Week and the issues facing our community. It gives us hope that we can win this fight together.


Homelessness Myth #2

People experience homelessness for many different reasons. Throughout Victoria the leading causes of homelessness are lack of affordable housing and rental properties (40%), escaping violence (35%*), and financial hardship (11%).
(*in our eastern region this figure is 48%)
* If you are experiencing family violence contact Safe Steps 1800 015 188 *
For support with accommodation and referrals to other services contact us on 9760 6400.


Marry Christmas (in July)!

“Thanks for having us!” to the Micawber Park Tavern in Belgrave.
Last night we were joined by 18 of our wonderful foster carers to celebrate Christmas in July. Thank you to Gemma (Micawber’s manager) and the team for their work in making sure everything went smoothly.
Everyone who attended had a wonderful time, enjoying great food and great company!
(Events like this are made possible thanks to the ongoing support of Knox City Council and their Community Development Fund)

Myer Trivia Night

A HUGE thank you to Stephanie and the team at Myer Eastland for hosting a wonderful event last night. We loved coming along to help raise funds for Anchor and also share some of the ways we support our community.
Thanks to everyone who worked to create a fantastic experience, and each of the amazing supporters who attended. Special mention to Words by Emma for being a fabulously entertaining MC.
Thank you to the suppliers who donated over $14,500 worth of prizes! The silent and live auctions both attracted some very energetic bidding!
Everyone at Anchor feels incredibly privileged to have MYER Eastland’s behind us. Your support over the past 3 years has made a huge impact on the support we can provide to our community.
And if all of this wasn’t enough… We are proud to announce that once again MYER Eastland has signed on to work with Anchor for yet another year of fundraising and partnership! Thank you.

Homeward Bound 2019

Join us on Tuesday 30 July to raise awareness of homelessness in our community. As a proud member of the Eastern Homelessness Network we are joining with other local organisations to spread the word about the need for affordable housing in Melbourne’s east. For more information and to register for this free event, please refer to the website.

Thanks CommBank!

When our kinship care team met 15 year old “Nick” he told us about ongoing pain and discomfort in his back and neck. His carers were unable to fund the chiropractic treatment that would help him live an active life, causing stress to the entire family.
With thanks to funding from the 2018 Commonwealth Bank Centenary Grants, we were able to support him and his kinship carers to give Nick access to ongoing chiropractor appointments. Nick now reports his back and neck are feeling much better and he is so thankful for the support he has received!
It is only with additional donations that we can support families like Nicks. If you’d like to help Anchor continue our work, check out our website.

Heidi reflects on the meaning of NAIDOC Week 2019

“NAIDOC week this year has three powerful themes: Voice, Treaty, Truth.
Thousands of years ago the first human voices were heard on this continent now known as Australia- the voices of the first Australians. These unbroken words were used to pass down precious lore, culture and knowledge through thousands of generations until colonisation.
Sadly many of the languages spoken in days gone by have been silenced through colonisation. This year we celebrate and support the rekindling of Aboriginal language and its preservation. Anchor recognises the importance of having your own voice to express one’s human condition.
Anchor recognises the importance of Treaty in moving forward from the past. Treaty will formalise the arrangements between non indigenous and indigenous Australians in how we can work together to ensure our First Australians, their land, their language, customs and culture are respected and preserved. Treaty will ensure Aboriginal Australians have access to their rightful place in our country. Treaty will enable Aboriginal people to be the architects of their own lives and futures- Anchor supports this bright future.
The truth about how colonisation has impacted Aboriginal people is complex and still much of it unknown. Anchor recognises the absolute importance of “truth” and how without it, we cannot as a country move forward and recognise our past.
This NAIDOC week Anchor embraces the truth and understands healing can only happen when we work together with Aboriginal people to join them on their journey to finish the “unfinished” business of this country. What is imperative is that we share a truthful understanding of the nature of our dispute and how we arrived to the place on which we stand together in this country.
We celebrate with Aboriginal people this week recognising the importance of their culture, language and the precious stories of this beautiful, safe and wonderful country we all call home.”- Heidi Tucker, CEO