Fun at Birmingham Primary School

Talia and Tara had a fantastic time meeting some Grade 6 students at Birmingham Primary School recently. The group discussed homelessness in our community and how everyone can help solve the problem.
If your group would like to learn more about Anchor and what we do, just send us a message!

Homelessness Myth #6

Every person in our community has the power to help end homelessness.
Speak to your local representatives, dispel a myth or stigma, sign the Everybody’s Home petition, or check out our website to help us support our community:
Thank you to everyone that helped us spread the word about Homelessness Week and the issues facing our community. It gives us hope that we can win this fight together.


Homelessness Myth #5

Homelessness helps us to raise awareness around the challenges facing our community. This issue is affecting more and more people in our area. We need more affordable housing now to help ensure everyone in our community can have a safe place to sleep.


Homelessness Myth #4

Just because you can’t see people, doesn’t mean they’re not there. We have more people experiencing homelessness in our community (Eastern metro region) than in Melbourne’s CBD.
We can offer referrals and assistance with crisis accommodation to locals- just give us a call on 9760 6400.

Homelessness Myth #3

Who is homeless? We are seeing a consistent increase in the number of families and young people coming to us for help. We can offer a range of support, advice and referrals to anyone at risk of homelessness.
If you can help us provide this assistance throughout our community, please get in touch!

Homelessness Myth #1

“Homelessness won’t happen to me”… we hear this almost as often as we hear “I never thought this would happen to me”.
Your ability to meet your financial commitments can change quickly, bringing stress and uncertainty.
If you feel that you are at risk of becoming homeless, get in touch with us- we can work together to identify possible solutions and support.


Homelessness Week 2019 launch

What a great start to Yarra Ranges Homelessness Week! Thanks to everyone that came along, including Tony Smith MPBridget Vallence MP – Member for EvelynCr Tony Stevenson – YRCCouncillor Tim HeenanCr Len Cox and Cr Noel Cliff and the staff from Yarra Ranges CouncilHoly FoolsLilydale Assist and of course Anchor! It was great to see so many people out in force to join the fight against homelessness.

Homeward Bound 2019

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made today’s Homeward Bound – A walk to end Homelessness possible. It was fantastic to see so many people supporting this cause. Special thanks to John from the Council to Homeless People for sharing his story, and Dustin Halse MP and Rod Barton MP for committing to help end homelessness.

Homeward Bound 2019

Join us on Tuesday 30 July to raise awareness of homelessness in our community. As a proud member of the Eastern Homelessness Network we are joining with other local organisations to spread the word about the need for affordable housing in Melbourne’s east. For more information and to register for this free event, please refer to the website.