LIFT program, thanks to Knox Council

We are looking forward to continuing our L.I.F.T. Project next year, thanks to Knox City Council and their Community Development Fund Grant Program.

L.I.F.T stands for Learning, Inspiration, Family and Timeout, supporting Foster Carers in their roles and providing ongoing opportunities including education, school holiday activities, family gatherings, carer events, mentoring program, guest speakers & peer support.
If you’d like more information about Anchor’s Foster Care program please contact Nicky C on 8761 9040.

Fostering Connections’ interactive posters- FCW2018

Have you spotted any of Fostering Connections‘ interactive posters in your area? Simply download the ‘Dreemar’ app and you can scan the image to see a variety of videos from local Foster Carers. Keep an eye out, and if you spot one, be sure to let us know!
If you feel inspired to learn a little more about becoming a Foster Carer feel free to send us a message, or give Nicky C a call on 8761 9040.

Foster Care Week at Parliament House

Joe, Yin, Amanda, Alison, Mandy, Natalie, Kathleen, Jodie, Simon and Nicky are having a fantastic day at Parliament House with Foster Care Association of Victoria. Inspiring speakers, delicious food and an opportunity to celebrate everything that being a Foster Carer involves- what a great way to spend the day

“Sooo worthwhile”

One little fella in our Foster Care program was recently awarded this trophy for demonstrating commitment and perseverance. The little things make all the difference! It has been fantastic to hear him now excitedly say that his “life is coming together”.
The role of a Foster Carer is sometimes challenging, but with patience and support you too can help other local children realise their potential. As our carer said, “This makes it sooo worthwhile”.
If you would like any information on becoming a Foster Carer, please call Nicky C on 8761 9040, or send us a message.

Welcome to Foster Care Week 2018!

Today marks the beginning of Foster Care Week 2018!
We are looking forward to sharing some stories and some stats with you over the next 7 days. For anyone that would like to know more about becoming a Foster Carer, please consider coming along to our information session on Wednesday night. Alternatively you can give Nicky C a call on 8761 9040, or send us a message and we will get back to you.

Can you help Thomas?

“Hi, my name is Thomas; I am 13 years old and I need a safe place to live, because I can’t live at home anymore.
I love watching the footy, and playing sport, and I like school. People think I am naughty, but I am just scared. I try to be good, but sometimes it all gets too much. I struggle to make friends, because I don’t think I am good enough.
Can you help me?”

Please contact Anchor’s Foster Carer Recruitment team on 8761 9040 to help Thomas and many other local kids that need a safe, secure and stable place to call home.

Families Week + Volunteering Week

Today is the final day of National Families Week, and the first day of National Volunteering Week- this gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on how the two can overlap sometimes!
Our incredible foster carers are volunteers, choosing to welcome children in to their homes, however over the years they can sometimes also become family. We hope that all carers can take a moment today to consider their wonderful impact across these two themes!
#NFW2018 #NVW2018 Volunteering Australia

Can you help?

“Emily*, aged 15, came into care following numerous child protection investigations due to her experiencing neglect and abuse. Emily had never had the opportunity to participate in any social activities, almost a prisoner within her own family home.
Emily has challenges establishing friend ships and finds it difficult to trust others”.

Emily’s story is not uncommon. Without local Foster Carers, these adolescents are forced to move to other areas, where they must try to rebuild connections in a new community.

We are currently experiencing an immediate need for carers for adolescents.

Can you help?

Please contact Anchor’s Foster Carer Recruitment team on 8761 9040 or at

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Thanks to our wonderful Volunteers!

Each and every single day, we are so thankful for our amazing team of Fosters Carers. Today, on International Volunteer Day, we would like to acknowledge and thank them for their tremendous commitment to providing care for local children needing a safe place to call home.

Help us find a ‘Forever Home’

We have three children who *urgently* require a foster home. Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer? Do you live in the Dandenong Ranges area? Could you open your heart and your home so that these three children have a safe and secure place to call their own?

Help us find their ‘Forever Family’.
Please share amongst your networks.

Call us on 03 9801 1999 or email