Talking Foster Care with Yarra Valley FM

We’re celebrating Foster Care Week, spreading the word about caring in our community. Thanks to Yarra Valley FM 99.1 for hosting Jenny and Desiree today, as they chatted about how Anchor is helping local children find safe homes. We loved sharing some insights in to the world of foster care as we acknowledge #FosterCareWeek19 #ValueofCarers

Foster Care Week 2019

Today marks the beginning of Foster Care Week 2019. We love the theme “The Value of Carers”, because these people are absolutely priceless! Over the next seven days, we’ll be sharing some insights in to Foster Care at Anchor, so stay tuned!
Remember, if you’ve ever considered becoming a Foster Carer, we are here to make the process as simple as possible for you. If you’d like any more info, just send us a message.

“Shared Stories, Shared Lives” training

Do you know that we host training for people to become foster carers? The “Shared Stories, Shared Lives” training will provide you with the foundation of knowledge you need to support children in your care.
For more information send check out our website.

Foster Carer holiday activity

What a fantastic day at Rush HQ! Thanks to a community grant from Knox City Council we hosted an excursion for our foster carers and all the children in their home. These outings are a great opportunity for kids and carers to get together. We love planning exciting activities for the school holidays!

Thanks to Melbourne Museum!

Sending a huge thank you to Tim and Lachlan in the Palaeontology department at the Melbourne Museum. Our staff helped to coordinate an opportunity for a group to go behind the scenes and learn about dinosaurs, megafauna and other fossils. Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge! You have helped create an awesome school holiday experience for some great kids!

Foster Carer training

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Foster Carer, you can begin your journey with our ‘Shared Stories, Shared Lives’ training. Our qualified facilitators will teach you the Victorian Standards required to support the children in your care. Our first round of training kicks off next weekend; Saturday February 23, 9.30- 5.00 (concluding the following week, March 2). (For those that can’t attend on a weekend, this training will be run over four Wednesday evenings in Term 2)
For more information send us a message, or contact Nicky C or Jenny on 8761 9040.

First Aid training for carers and staff

Thanks to Tammy from Accredited First Aid Courses for a fantastic day of training! In addition to the valuable skills and knowledge gained, it was great for staff and carers to come together to connect.

Youth and Child & Family strategic goal update

Our 2018- 2021 Strategic Plan acknowledges the ongoing need for safe, nurturing homes for children and young people throughout our community.

Anchor is proud to be part of the Brighter Futures program, with our Community Connectors building networks to support young people leaving care.  Our Youth Development and Child & Family teams continue to support local individuals and families, working together to achieve the best outcomes.

We are still seeing a need for carers, with boys aged 10+ being over-represented in those children that can’t be placed in safe homes. If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please check out our website:

LIFT program, thanks to Knox Council

We are looking forward to continuing our L.I.F.T. Project next year, thanks to Knox City Council and their Community Development Fund Grant Program.

L.I.F.T stands for Learning, Inspiration, Family and Timeout, supporting Foster Carers in their roles and providing ongoing opportunities including education, school holiday activities, family gatherings, carer events, mentoring program, guest speakers & peer support.
If you’d like more information about Anchor’s Foster Care program please contact Nicky C on 8761 9040.

Fostering Connections’ interactive posters- FCW2018

Have you spotted any of Fostering Connections‘ interactive posters in your area? Simply download the ‘Dreemar’ app and you can scan the image to see a variety of videos from local Foster Carers. Keep an eye out, and if you spot one, be sure to let us know!
If you feel inspired to learn a little more about becoming a Foster Carer feel free to send us a message, or give Nicky C a call on 8761 9040.