Meeting with Jackson Taylor MP

Thanks very much to Jackson Taylor MP for spending some time with us today. We love what we do, and it is always great to share our insights and experiences with other locals. If you’d like to learn more about Anchor Inc give us a call on 8761 9040, or send us a message.

“Sooo worthwhile”

One little fella in our Foster Care program was recently awarded this trophy for demonstrating commitment and perseverance. The little things make all the difference! It has been fantastic to hear him now excitedly say that his “life is coming together”.
The role of a Foster Carer is sometimes challenging, but with patience and support you too can help other local children realise their potential. As our carer said, “This makes it sooo worthwhile”.
If you would like any information on becoming a Foster Carer, please call Nicky C on 8761 9040, or send us a message.

Kinship Care support groups

Do you know that Anchor coordinates Kinship Care groups in Knox and the Yarra Ranges? Thanks to the Knox City Council and Yarra Ranges Council, we offer Kinship Carers within Melbourne’s Outer Eastern Suburbs the chance to meet other Carers, share stories, and enjoy a great time out! All Kinship Carers are welcome- for more information, including upcoming events, please call Anchor on 8761 9040.

Myer Eastland donations

Thanks yet again to the wonderful team at Myer Eastland for their ongoing generosity! We had a great visit from Stephanie (Store Manager) and Steph (fundraising queen) this morning,
dropping off a bunch of toiletries and hand knitted baby booties that will be passed on to the many families we support through our Housing Support Services at Lilydale.

Thank you St Kilda Mums!

Thanks to St Kilda Mums for assisting Leanne and Michael today. These goodies are already on their way to some of our community’s newest arrivals!

BBB Playgroup at the Aquarium!

Our Building Brighter Beginnings Playgroup had a great time at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium last week.
If you would like more information on joining this supported playgroup in Term 3, please contact Leanne on 9760 6419.

Can you help Thomas?

“Hi, my name is Thomas; I am 13 years old and I need a safe place to live, because I can’t live at home anymore.
I love watching the footy, and playing sport, and I like school. People think I am naughty, but I am just scared. I try to be good, but sometimes it all gets too much. I struggle to make friends, because I don’t think I am good enough.
Can you help me?”

Please contact Anchor’s Foster Carer Recruitment team on 8761 9040 to help Thomas and many other local kids that need a safe, secure and stable place to call home.

Families Week + Volunteering Week

Today is the final day of National Families Week, and the first day of National Volunteering Week- this gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on how the two can overlap sometimes!
Our incredible foster carers are volunteers, choosing to welcome children in to their homes, however over the years they can sometimes also become family. We hope that all carers can take a moment today to consider their wonderful impact across these two themes!
#NFW2018 #NVW2018 Volunteering Australia

Accommodation options for families

As we continue to celebrate National Families Week, we’d love to shine a light on the lack of accomodation options available for families in the Yarra Ranges.
We believe that everyone has the right to a safe and secure place to stay, but options are limited. Single mothers that have teenage sons, single fathers and their children, mothers that are under 18 years old, and any families that have pets (or those whose only family are their pets), can all find it challenging to find suitable homes in our local area.
Anchor is committed to finding solutions to our housing crisis, and we hope that others in our community will stand with us.
#NFW2018 #FamiliesWeek2018

Kinship Care- NFW2018

For children who can’t live with their own immediate family, the preferred option is sometimes to live with someone they know, such as an extended family member. This is known as “Kinship Care”, and the need is often urgent and unforeseen.
Anchor can offer a variety of assistance for these families, including local support groups and training opportunities; if you would like to know more, please contact our Kinship Care team on 8761 9040 or via
Just another way we’re working towards ‘Stronger Families, Stronger Communities’.
#KinshipCare #FamiliesWeek2018 #NFW2018