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Footmen Foundation dinner

Thank you and congrats to the Footmen Foundationfor a fantastic evening last night. It was great to hear about all of the amazing causes this foundation supports. We also had the privilege of meeting some legends of the cycling world, Matthew Keenan, Kelland O’Brien, and Dave Sanders (pictured with Naomi, Heidi and Paula).

Can you help Thomas?

“Hi, my name is Thomas; I am 13 years old and I need a safe place to live, because I can’t live at home anymore. I love watching the footy, and playing sport, and I like school. People think I am naughty, but I am just scared. I try to be good, but sometimes it […]

Make It 21

We’re wishing the team over at The Home Stretch all the best as they continue to fight to extend the age of foster care support to 21. We are with you guys! Fingers crossed the politicians listen to the majority of Victorians and #MakeIt21!

Families Week + Volunteering Week

Today is the final day of National Families Week, and the first day of National Volunteering Week- this gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on how the two can overlap sometimes! Our incredible foster carers are volunteers, choosing to welcome children in to their homes, however over the years they can sometimes also become family. […]

Accommodation options for families

As we continue to celebrate National Families Week, we’d love to shine a light on the lack of accomodation options available for families in the Yarra Ranges. We believe that everyone has the right to a safe and secure place to stay, but options are limited. Single mothers that have teenage sons, single fathers and their […]

Thank you Middleman!

Since moving to Scoresby, we have all enjoyed getting to know the gang at Middleman (great coffee, amazing food, friendly staff- what’s not to love?!). They are getting to know us too, and are helping to get the word out to the rest of the Caribbean community. Thanks very much guys!

Kinship Care- NFW2018

For children who can’t live with their own immediate family, the preferred option is sometimes to live with someone they know, such as an extended family member. This is known as “Kinship Care”, and the need is often urgent and unforeseen. Anchor can offer a variety of assistance for these families, including local support groups […]

National Families Week 2018

Today marks the beginning of National Families Week. This year we celebrate “Stronger Families, Stronger Communities”. At Anchor we know that every family is different, and we work to support and assist those who need it to ensure families, and our community, have the opportunity to strengthen and grow. #FamiliesWeek2018

Thanks Emerald Fruit Barn!

Thanks to Emerald Fruit Barn for recently nominating Anchor Inc as the recipient of their in-store fundraising. In line with your delicious healthy selections, your donation will go towards enhancing the well-being of our community!

Outreach Services- Healesville and Yarra Junction

Do you know that Anchor offers an Outreach service for local housing support? If you can’t make it to our Lilydale office, you may wish to meet Sandra at Healesville on Thursday (at HICCI – Healesville Inter-Church Community Care Inc.) or on Friday at Yarra Junction. For more information, contact us on 9760 6400.