Local support available

If you receive financial support from Centrelink, you may notice changes to your payments due to the Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays. For more details please see the Department of Human Services website: www.humanservices.gov.au/individua…/public-holiday-reporting

If you are finding these changes have had an effect on your household, there are many local groups and organisations that can offer some assistance- Material Aid_matrix (We recommend that you call ahead whenever possible.)

Yarra Ranges Life TV at YHMD2019

Thanks to Yarra Ranges Life TV for their coverage of our Youth Homelessness Matters Day event. Check out the video here.

Thank you to Neal at Holy Fools and Bill Brindle (Labor for Casey) for the great interviews. Hopefully this event helps draw attention to the issue of homelessness in our community.   #YHMD2019

Thanks to Melbourne Museum!

Sending a huge thank you to Tim and Lachlan in the Palaeontology department at the Melbourne Museum. Our staff helped to coordinate an opportunity for a group to go behind the scenes and learn about dinosaurs, megafauna and other fossils. Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge! You have helped create an awesome school holiday experience for some great kids!

Youth Homelessness Matters Day- Upcoming event

We are joining the Holy Fools BBQ this Wednesday to discuss the issues for young people experiencing homelessness in the Yarra Ranges. Yarra Ranges Housing Action Group would love to hear from any locals that have any questions or comments about how our community could better support our youth.

Youth Week 2019

As we wrap up Youth Week 2019, we’d like to give a shout out to all of the amazing young people in our community! We’d also like to congratulate everyone involved in our ‘Support for Young People’ program who recently celebrated the milestone of each person having a part time job, as well as being continuing their education.

We love working together to support people to achieve their goals, and we have the best job where we are inspired every single day.
If you’d like to join us in our mission to ensure every young person has a safe and secure home to grow up in, please send us a message or give us a call on 03 8761 9040 and we can have a chat about all the ways people and businesses can help us help our community.

A safe place for young mothers

Anchor offers the Hazel Hams Homes accommodation program for single mothers (18 to 25 years old). We support young women to give them the chance to change their life trajectory, while raising their babies and young children in a safe, stable and nurturing environment.

Since the program’s opening in January 2017 we have continued to see positive outcomes for all of the young families involved. We thank our ongoing supporters that assist us to cover the costs of this independent project (as we have not received any government funding).

Private Rental Brokerage Program

The Private Rental Brokerage Program is a Creating Connection program which is funded by the State Government under the Youth Housing Action Plan 2.

The PRBP aims to support young people who are ready to live independently in a share-house or private tenancy. The PRBP can assist young people with their applications for private rental tenancies (including subletting share-house options), understanding their rights and responsibilities in regards to private rental tenancies, budgeting and brokerage toward rent in advance or whitegoods/ essential household goods to establish a tenancy.
The Private Rental Brokerage Program is managed by Family Access Network (FAN) and Anchor Inc.

Certificate 1- Developing Independence

Anchor’s Youth Development Services integrates housing, education, training and employment for young people aged 16 to 25 years of age. We focus on positive outcomes through skills such as goal setting, planning accessing housing and dealing with conflict and change.

As part of our ‘Support for Young People’ program, we support youth to complete Certificate 1 in Developing Independence at Box Hill Institute Lilydale Lakeside. This formal, accredited course aims to support young people in developing core life skills, as well as recognising and validating their existing skills, talents and aspirations


We had a great day hosting HICSA’s community lunch today! To celebrate Victorian Youth Week, we welcomed some young people to help coordinate the occasion, and learn valuable skills in event management, catering and community engagement along the way- Congrats on all of your efforts! Thanks also to our staff, and the team from Box Hill Institute Lilydale Lakeside, that helped make it happen! We hope everyone enjoyed the delicious curries!

For more information about Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association and their community lunch, please contact them on 03 5962 2940, or at admin@hicsa.org.au.

Brighter Futures Transformation Pilot

The “Brighter Futures Transformation Pilot” is an initiative that comes from a collaboration of the Outer Eastern Melbourne Children and Youth Area Partnership. With representatives from many local organisations and groups, the partnership aims to improve outcomes for children and young people at-risk of entering in, and transitioning from, Out-of-Home-Care.

Our “Community Connectors” work with teens to help them identify their strengths, passions and goals. They then look for ways to connect the young person with local individuals, businesses or groups that can help them pursue and achieve their dreams.
As the lead agency, we are excited to see the achievements of this pilot, and all of the people involved.
For more information, you can check out the Children and Youth Area Partnerships website.