Kinship Care support groups

Do you know that Anchor coordinates Kinship Care groups in Knox and the Yarra Ranges? Thanks to the Knox City Council and Yarra Ranges Council, we offer Kinship Carers within Melbourne’s Outer Eastern Suburbs the chance to meet other Carers, share stories, and enjoy a great time out! All Kinship Carers are welcome- for more information, including upcoming events, please call Anchor on 8761 9040.

Not in our area….

“Not in our area”… “We don’t have homeless people like in the city”… Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Our community have many people experiencing homelessness. Lack of affordable housing continues to force local residents to find alternative places to sleep. Anchor provides outreach to those doing it rough in our community; making connections, listening to everyone’s stories and offering assistance and support.

Myer Eastland donations

Thanks yet again to the wonderful team at Myer Eastland for their ongoing generosity! We had a great visit from Stephanie (Store Manager) and Steph (fundraising queen) this morning,
dropping off a bunch of toiletries and hand knitted baby booties that will be passed on to the many families we support through our Housing Support Services at Lilydale.

Thank you St Kilda Mums!

Thanks to St Kilda Mums for assisting Leanne and Michael today. These goodies are already on their way to some of our community’s newest arrivals!

Who is homeless and why?

Homelessness can look different for different people. When people have nowhere else to go, they are forced to make some difficult choices about where to sleep each night. It may be on a friend’s couch, sleeping in their car, finding an out of the way public place or a bed in a rooming house.
There is not enough safe accommodation available in our community. Anchor is a housing referrer, so we work to match individuals and families with suitable accommodation.
There is currently a shortfall of 650 units in the Yarra Ranges*.
We are looking forward to seeing this change, but for now we can only continue to work hard to support people with the limited options that are available. #HW2018

(*Data from research produced by the Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance. EAHA research shows that there is a minimum supply shortfall of 7,970 social housing homes in the Eastern Metropolitan Region, for more information see: )

Homelessness Week 2018

Today marks the beginning of Homelessness Week 2018. We will be taking this opportunity to raise awareness of the issues currently affecting our community.
The leading causes of homelessness are:
* Domestic and family violence, & relationship breakdown;
* Housing crisis including a lack of accomodation options, and inadequate or inappropriate dwellings; and
* Financial difficulties and housing affordability stress.
If you are experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness in the Yarra Ranges Shire, please call us on 9760 6400 to make an appointment to see us at Lilydale, or our outreach sessions at Yarra Junction and Healesville.
Anchor’s ‘Opening Doors’ service offers housing information and can refer to local services.

Thank you Helen!

Thanks to Helen B who has donated this gorgeous blanket (that has taken her close to a year to lovingly crotchet!). Our Lilydale team will have the privilege of passing this on to help keep someone warm.

PS- This goes to show that you never know how a single connection will flourish! Helen’s son is part of the team at Dynamic Steel Frame that have donated a frame for our Tiny Homes Australia initiative (to learn more or donate to the cause, check out