Thanks Emerald Fruit Barn!

Thanks to Emerald Fruit Barn for recently nominating Anchor Inc as the recipient of their in-store fundraising. In line with your delicious healthy selections, your donation will go towards enhancing the well-being of our community!

Outreach Services- Healesville and Yarra Junction

Do you know that Anchor offers an Outreach service for local housing support? If you can’t make it to our Lilydale office, you may wish to meet Sandra at Healesville on Thursday (at HICCI – Healesville Inter-Church Community Care Inc.) or on Friday at Yarra Junction. For more information, contact us on 9760 6400.

Perseverance pays off!

The current rental market is tough, but perseverance can pay off! Here’s a great client story to start your week 🙂

Two sisters presented to Anchor in November last year; they were facing eviction from their home as the owner had decided to sell. They shared their story of coming to Australia at a young age, ending up living in the out of home care system and the challenges associated with growing up without family support.

The sisters were both on Newstart payments, and working towards starting their own business. Anchor supported them with the skills and resources to apply for private rental, and to explore alternative accommodation options. The sisters applied for around forty private rentals but were unsuccessful. During this time they were sleeping in motels, a rented car and finally a tent. Throughout this process the sisters became disheartened at times when faced with the competitive and often unaffordable rental property market. Despite the many setbacks, they did not give up. In February they were offered a private rental! They now have secure housing and the opportunity to focus on growing their own business to work towards a successful and happy future.

Housing instability and homelessness can happen to anyone. If you, or someone you know needs housing assistance in the Yarra Ranges Shire, please contact our Lilydale office on 9760 6400.

*Image by Tirachard; please note that these women are not of our actual clients… but we’re sure they were this excited